Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Denver 3: The Poop Returns

Miscellaneous Claims
There are way too many claims to discuss in a blog, but here are some highlights:

Claim #1 - When first constructing the airport there were originally five buildings, but out of the blue, the builders were ordered to bury the buildings underground, because they were supposedly "built wrong".

How does one bury an entire building, especially an airport? There's absolutely no evidence of this.  The idea that they built some buildings and then buried them  is idiotic.

Claim #2 - Normally a building that is built wrong would be demolished, but in this case, it was not. This allowed for an underground base to be created, but there are still workers that are sent to these underground bases periodically, but when they are questioned about the nature of their work, they all refuse to comment.

Anyone with half a brain knows that if you want to build an underground base, you can’t just build the buildings and then bury them.  The buildings have to be built for being underground.  Second of all, TONS of buildings have underground storage, tunnels, etc.  This is not only unsurprising, it’s boring.  Anyone who knows me can attest that I have a blackbelt in internet searching.  If something is out there, I can find it.  I could find no evidence for “underground base workers” refusing to comment.  NONE!

Claim #3 - According to a contractor, these tunnels have a strange sprinkler system that was added on to the roofs of the tunnel, but the sprinkler system has no valid use as these tunnels are concrete and underground.

The tunnels are the "Denver International Airport Guideway Transit System".  It’s a way of getting around the airport without having to fight through the hordes of passengers.  It seems like an obvious requirement for a huge airport. It’s used for maintenance, support functions, etc.  Also, there are secondary tracks for all the trains exist in case one breaks down or there are maintenance problem for the track.  Important!  I found online the pictures of the tunnels they use, and they are NOT pictures of the Denver International Airport.

Claim# 4 - If relating these sprinkler systems back to the sign of Au Ag, in front of the mural, regarding the genocide then one must begin to wonder what the use of a sprinkler in a concrete tunnel, 150 feet below the ground would be.

Gaaah!  This is so stupid I am in pain!  Why do you think they have sprinklers down there, Genius? Who's going to put out fires?  Concrete isn’t flammable, but there are trains, storage, supplies AND PEOPLE down there.  Also, don’t be a moron.  The tunnels aren't 150 feet underground.  The movie is hinting that the sprinklers are used to spray people with Hepatitis.  That’s dumb.  Why would they put their main method for killing people underground?  How are they going to get their enemies to walk through 5 miles of tunnel to get sprayed with avirus?  This must the worst plan for world domination that I’ve seen.

Claim #5 - These underground bases appear to be holding rooms due to the sheer mass and size and same say they even allude to concentration camps, this is because 1) these holding rooms have no purpose and when the airport authorities were questioned, they say they are merely being used for storage.

You might as well ignore this claim.  The pictures they show are NOT even from the Denver Airport.  These pictures are used as proof of a hundred different things on conspiracy websites.  These underground “concentration camp” pictures are nothing but conspiracy clip art.  Many tunnels and rooms were built for a state-of-the-art baggage handling system.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of problems with it, and it was discontinued.

Claim #6 - People have attempted to argue that the underground bases are being used for storage, but one fact must be questioned: And that is why is the underground base 88.5 square miles long? And why were the five buildings mysteriously buried? No airport has, or needs, that much storage room.

You must be joking.  The underground rooms and tunnels are not 88.5 square miles long.  That’s bigger than the entire airport.  This a completely made up number.

Claim #7 - All the barbed wire fences face the inside of the airport, rather than facing the outside, which is what they usually do. This implies that they are trying to keep things in, rather than keep things out.

First of all, barbed wire fencing at certain parts of the airport (like runways) are required by federal law.  The fences at the Denver  airport in fact have barbed wire that is straight up and down and many areas not fenced at all because the place is so huge!  Once again, their fence pictures are NOT of the Denver Airport.  See how they are trying to deceive people?

Claim #8 The Queen of England, alongside many other famous European Royalty and politicians are hurriedly buying property next to the airport under an alias.

Are you kidding me? They provide no evidence of this, and after an annoying amount of googling, the only evidence I found was Alex Jones saying it was true.  There was no documentation whatsoever.  However, land around an airport is generally a good investment for anyone. I see no reason why rich people buying this land would be odd; even if it were true.

Claim #9 - Questions about what the government might be doing in this underground base may have been answered in 2007, when fourteen commercial aircraft reported spontaneously shattered windshields as the result of electromagnetic pulses.

First of all, an electromagnetic pulse is… big shocker… a pulse that is electromagnetic.  An EMP would have fried every electrical device in the plane (and the airport).  Oh.  And it also wouldn’t have broken the windshields.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation says that the windshields were cracked (not shattered) and were damaged by debris during high winds.  It’s not possible for an EMP to break glass.

If you are going to build up a conspiracy, at least have some actual photographs, instead of passing off pictures of other tunnels and locations as a part of the conspiracy.  Also, get some interviews or something.  Of ANYONE!  Out of the thousands of people who work at the Denver Airport, you are telling me that no one would spill the beans for some extra cash?

I close with a quote from researcher and skeptical thinker Brian Dunning:

“Of course, if we don't uncritically accept all this, we're "sheeple" who have had the wool pulled over our eyes by the Illuminati overlords… The truth is that the Apocalypse is coming, and the New World Order has chosen to publicly announce their plans in an airport; but only the specially gifted “Patriots” are enlightened enough to see it.”

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