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Denver 2: The Poopman Prophecies

The main mural covers four walls and was painted by Chicano artist Leo Tanguma, who was Mayan.  Given the strong Native American culture and history of the Denver area, a Chicano artist was chosen for the murals.  He uses a lot of Native American and Mexican symbolism, so some of it may seem a little strange and different to us.  And as we all know, different is bad.

The conspiracy over the pictures all relates to how one interprets the art.  People who are into this conspiracy maintain there is no good reason to paint murals like these.  Well, how about we ask the artist!

The artist’s work has nothing to do with the New World Order. In his own words: "My work comes out of the Chicano movement and I'm still trying to be faithful to my original ideal of human dignity for all people ..." (He sounds like someone who promotes genocide, huh?)
Go to the artist’s website and check him out for yourself.

In Peace and Harmony with Nature, Part I

This is actually  half of a mural called "The Children of the World Dream of Peace" and is the first part of a depiction of humanity’s journey from brutality to peace. Pretty cool idea.  So yeah, it’s creepy if you take the murals out of order and put a creepy voice over talking about them.
Claim #1 - The mural shows three dead women: an African (lower left), a Native American (lower middle), and a young Jewish girl (lower right).

What makes the girl Jewish? The blond hair and cross? Some people point out the "Star of David on her chest" and it does look like there is a cloth star there, but if anything, it probably represents “other religions” since she is also holding a bible. I think this make sense because then it represents the suffering of people by race, age and religion.  It’s a good way to start when your art is discussing how humanity can change.
According to the artist, the mural was designed to depict native people dying off due to colonialism. Originally all of the women in the painting were of color, but at the last minute the artist changed one to a European girl when he realized that white children also suffered as a result of militarism.  He sure sounds evil.

In the background is the destruction of a city and a forest representing the destruction of the world brought on by greed, expansion, etc.

Claim #2 - There is a little girl carrying Mayan tablet, alluding to the Mayan date of December 21, 2012 and depicting the destruction of civilization... etc. (bwah hah hah)

Even if the tablet is Mayan (and we don’t know that it is), who says it has anything to do with 2012 doomsdayers?  Not to mention that the 2012 date comes from a circular calendar, not some random tablet.  Also, the tablet has absolutely nothing on it that would indicate it has anything to do with destruction of anything.  But then I guess everything that is Mayan must be about destroying the world in 2012.  Bonus points to Alex Jones for making a picture about building world harmony about fear mongering.
Is the picture a little dark?  Yes.  But how do you have a mural showing a progression from war to peace without showing some war?

The Children of the World Dream of Peace, Frame I

This is actually the first frame of the second mural, as it is in two parts.  Conspiracy buffs almost always take this mural out of order and put it after part 2 to make it look like a war is planned to destroy peace.
This mural shows a military figure and holding a machine gun and a sword. This sword is stabbing a dove.  Since the dove is a symbol for peace, it implies that peace will be destroyed.  The mural seems pretty clearly a depiction of warfare and oppression.
In the lower right hand corner is a poem:

“I once was a little child
who longed for other worlds.
But I am no more a child
for I have known fear.
I have learned to hate...
How tragic, then, is youth
which lives with enemies,
with gallows ropes.
Yet, I still believe
I only sleep today.
That I'll wake up
a child again,
and start to
laugh and play.”

Hama Herchenberg, 14 years old.
Died December 18, 1943 in Auschwitz Concentration camp

Claim #3 - There are grayish waves imitating from the figure and these waves represent death, or in this case a poisonous gas that's killed everyone in its path. This mural is near the Au Ag symbol, the one that is related to the deadly virus strain.
There are no waves of death.  This is the other side of the rainbow that is the mural that follows (you’ll see it below). There is no poison gas, although some claim the soldier looks like he might be wearing a gas mask.  Last of all, we have already established that AUAG is not even close to deadly.

Claim #4 - One can also see a line of weeping women holding their dead infants and a group of dead children on a pile of bricks. The emphasis of this mural is of a cleansing that is going to kill a myriad of people in its path, however, interestingly enough, this mural has been painted over in recent years.
Brian Dunning points out: “The depicted woman in the foreground is Tanguma's representation of Mother Mary crying over the suffering of all of the children in the world. The dead infant in her arms reflects a mother's pain for the death of a child. The children on the pile of bricks are not dead, they're huddling out of fear, under the sword of conquest.”

I love the creepy music and the comment:“interesting that they painted over it”.  Alex Jones implies that they painted over it because it would reveal the New World Order plans to kill everyone and take over, etc.  Well, if they had to paint it over so their plans wouldn’t be given away…  why did they have it painted in the first place!?

This mural has not been painted over, although some of the other murals have been because the imagery was shocking and “offensive”.  The ACLU and National Coalition Against Censorship have been fighting to get all of the murals restored.

Yes, we don’t like to see dead children and scary looking soldiers.  But it’s supposed to shock us.  We often forget about war and its victims.  One thing the mural depicts is that if we can keep these atrocities in mind and learn from them, we can progress to a new way of living in peace.  That brings us to part 2 of the mural.  It is the most evil and despicable piece of them all.  Children smiling and happy.  Yech.

The Children of the World Dream of Peace, Frame II

Claim #5 – This mural shows the children of the world taking their weapons from each country and giving them to a German boy (gulp). He is then molding them into something else (something German! Gaah!).  All the children of the scene are of different ethnicity and all seem to be relieved.  All the countries in the world will turn over their power to Germany, we’ll be oppressed, etc. etc.
This is actually the second frame of the two-part mural mentioned above. The children are dressed in their native clothing and are coming together to bring about world peace. They do this by turning their weapons into tools of peace. The boy in the middle is hammering a sword into a plowshare.  This is a reference to a famous scripture in the Bible,

“They will beat their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
nor will they train for war anymore” (Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:3).

I can only conclude the Bible was written by the New World Order.

The soldier from part 1 is now dead at the bottom and has two doves on him.  This shows that peace has triumphed at last, and productivity (the anvil) is now the focus of the world  instead of destruction (soldier). 
Obviously, the interpretation of these two murals changes dramatically if you put then in the wrong order.  I maintain we ought to put them in the same order AS THE ARTIST!

In Peace and Harmony with Nature, Part II

Claim #6 – A Jesus-like figure (who is secretly not Jesus) gathers everyone around a genetically modified plant.  Everyone is happy because most of the world is dead and now there is a lot of room for everyone.  Also, the genetically modified plant chemically forces them to be happy even though they are slaves to the New World Order.
Seriously?  A picture of smiling children makes them think of mind control, genetically modified foods, slavery and a fake Jesus?  Who are these people?

The mural has a figure in the middle who's holding a plant which symbolizes rebirth and is a flowering tree of peace (The picture is small, but there is a dove in the center of the tree).  Everyone is interested in and focused on the peace tree.  The artist is possibly depicting that the only lasting peace will be one which everyone is working on.

Claim #7 - This final mural alludes to a new Garden of Eden where the world is perfect size, and everything can work together in peace after the genocide that has taken place.
No, I don’t think so.  This is a parallel to the part II of the other mural where all the children are gathered to destroy the weapons of war.    There is absolutely no indicators of genocide in any ot the murals.
In conclusion:  the art is symbolic and a little disturbing at times; purposefully so.  The artist hopes to remind us that no matter the violence the earth has experienced, peace can triumph if we all work for it together.  It is somewhat tragic that some people are using these murals to tell an entirely opposite story.  They would have you believe that destruction is imminent, and you can’t stop the evil machine that is about to bear down on you.

If you want to know why the Queen of England and other world powers are buying land near the airport and why secret underground buildings have been buried there… read part 3.



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