Thursday, October 04, 2012

It's Impossible for a Bumble Bee to Fly!

If I hear ONE MORE TIME that it is impossible for bumblebees to fly I will lash out irrationally.  When people say this, they clearly have no idea what the word “impossible” means.  Spoiler Alert!  If a bee can do it – then IT ISN’T IMPOSSIBLE! 

 I keep getting emails about this, and inevitably some stuffy know-it-all brings it up at a party. Usually people are sneering at science when they bring up this topic.  It’s as if they are saying, “Everyone knows that bees can fly and yet science can’t explain it.  Take that science!”  To make it sound more “science-y” they’ll throw in words like ‘aerodynamics’ and ‘quantum theory’.  Well in your face, know-it-all, sanctimonious jerk!  Nothing that you have said is true.

 Who started this load of baloney?

The story goes something like this:  There was a party in Germany in the 1930s.  (That’s where all the smart people were).  One of the guests was an aerodynamicist.  Someone asked him about the flight of bees and to answer the question he did a quick calculation.  Since he was just doing a quick calculation at a party, so he calculated the lift based on smooth, rigid wings and made a guess on the surface area of the wings.  Then he compared the lift to the bee’s weight.  It was no surprise that the lift he calculated was insufficient to carry the bee.

 Naturally, the idiot asking the question took that quick calculation based on limited assumptions to mean that “bumblebees can’t fly”.   Then every wide-eyed science nay-sayer in the world somehow heard about it and now the idea just won’t die.  They use it to illustrate the power of the mind over body, or that we should ignore science that we don’t agree with.
The science

Well guess what?  The calculations were wrong.  Bee wings aren’t rigid.  Bee wings aren’t smooth.  They flex, bend and twist as needed and beat about 130 times per second.  None of those things were accounted for in the calculations that were done.  If you add those factors into the calculations, bees CAN fly.  Big surprise, huh?

The only thing the calculation proved was that bees don’t fly the same way that airplanes fly.  It’s not as exciting when I say it that way, huh?

 Science is a process of discovering truth in a systematic way.  When one guy says aerodynamics show something can’t fly, the proper conclusion is NOT, “Then it must be impossible”.  The proper response is, “Since I know that Bees DO fly, upon what principle can it be explained?”


Bees can fly (obviously).  Science CAN explain it. It’s actually not that hard. When you hear people make crazy claims about science, you have good reason to be skeptical. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Let’s start with some background on Zombies and then we’ll go over what you should do and what you need to know when there is an outbreak.  If you have not read part one, read it here.

What are zombies?
In the first place, Zombies are not a Halloween costume.  Halloween creatures like goblins, witches, etc are just fictional tales.  Zombies, on the other hand, are real biological entities, made of flesh and blood, and they work by the same laws of science and reason that all of us do.

A zombie is someone that has been reanimated from death.  Some people say they are “raised from the dead”, but they technically aren’t alive.  Zombies are just meats bags controlled by a virus (through the brain) to spread the contagion as much as possible (Kind of like Charlie Sheen).  Researcher Steven Scholzman has pointed out that technically zombies have Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome.  In any case, zombies only care about people with brains, so many of you people will be quite safe.
What do zombies eat?
Traditionally Zombies eat brains but there is a growing consensus that they consume all flesh and living matter; raw, cooked or still alive. I should point out though that it has been a long time since proper zombie trials have been performed so the details are hazy.  Either way, if you want to live, do not hang out with the zombie crowd.

How is a zombie identified?
Traditionally, zombies have a slow walk, and pale skin; they can’t talk, but can moan somewhat due to limited lung function.   Yeah, I know that some movies portray them differently.  Do I really have to tell you that movies are embellished a bit? Here’s the easy way to spot a zombie:  If someone has blood all over their mouth and tries to bite you, I would put money on that person being a zombie. Even if they aren‘t a zombie, get away from them (as a general rule).

How long can a zombie live?
Since a zombie is technically not alive, there is a lot of speculation on how long they can live. It seems to depend on the condition of the corpse before zombification and environmental factors (like wind and rain).  If you want your pet zombie to last longer, keep it indoors where the ultraviolet light and roads salts can’t degrade it.  Zombologists estimate their life span may reach from 5 years to 20 years if they are left alone.  Remember, they aren’t really eating to feed themselves.  That’s just how they spread the virus.
What you need to know in case of a Zombie Apocalypse:
First, you need a basic knowledge of zombies.  The zombie virus spreads by contact with bodily fluids.  Take this quiz (link) to find out how long it will take you to succumb to the virus.   You should try to help your human comrades as much as possible before you turn into the enemy.  According to my test results, I will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I don’t know if that is a good score, but it doesn’t seem like much.  That’s just long enough to get in two episodes of Magnum PI (if I skip the credits).
You can extend the amount of time before you become a zombie though. There are products that can be eaten/drunk to try to build an immunity to zombie viruses, but it just seems like a pretty big risk if you ask me (aside from being disgusting).

I should also point out that there are a lot of zombie tests out there, but many of them are a joke to the zombie research community.  Make sure you are using reputable sites.

How to Prep for the Zombie Apocalypse
The CDC released an article (I’m not kidding) on preparing for zombies (link).  They suggest you collect:
  • Water (1 gallon per person per day)
  • Food (stock up on non-perishable items that you eat regularly)
  • Medications (this includes prescription and non-prescription meds)
  • Tools and Supplies (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.)
  • Sanitation and Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, etc.)
  • Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family member and blankets)
  • Important documents (copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate to name a few)
  • First Aid supplies (although you’re a goner if a zombie bites you, you can use these supplies to treat basic cuts and lacerations that you might get)
The CDC also recommends you choose a meeting place to regroup in the event that zombies attack your town (like an aunts house in Hoboken).  Since zombies work quickly, plan your evacuation route so that you can get outta town fast.  At the end of the article, the CDC assures us that they are ready for a zombie outbreak.

Prep for the Best Case Scenario
      If you don’t want to sit around picking your nose until the CDC shows up, you’ll want to do some more extensive anti-zombie prep.  It’s gonna take some money, but after the apocalypse is over you’ll basically be king of the world.  It seems like a pretty solid investment.

 According to Fox News, the Knight XV is the most zombie proof car available (
link).  The Knight sports bullet proof glass (including headlights), ballistic run flat tires, night vision cameras and roof mounted high power spot lights.  Luckily the price has come down to $300,000 so it’s pretty attainable.

A Polish architectural firm (KWK Promes) has anticipated a zombie apocalypse and designed the world’s first zombie proof house (left).  It doesn’t look like much, but the house is built with mechanized parts that fold in on themselves to seal out threats during the night.  The house only has one entrance, and it involves a second floor retractable draw bridge.  During the day, the house reconfigures itself to create a courtyard in the middle.  That way, kids can play “outside” without leaving the compound.  It takes about 4 years to build so, you’d better get started.  Check out the website.  It’s my new dream home.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any kind of price tag.

Prep for the Worst Case Scenario
Since you aren’t rich enough to REALLY gear up, you better get serious.  First, you’ll need to form a team.  Take the following test (link).  It will test physical & emotional health as well as zombie knowledge.  Make sure you are honest, because nobody wants a liar on their survival team and some of the questions have multiple right answers.  My team has 3 slots left.   Currently it consists of Me, the dude who played Aragon in Lord of the Rings, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Willis.  
My test scores:
Physical Rating B+ 
Mental Rating A
Experience Rating A
Emotional Rating F “Numbness is the path to survival”
Overall Z+ - Zombies don’t stand a chance!
If you want to raise your score, use this Zombie Invasion Simulator to practice.  The link goes to a scenario I ran using Capitol Hill in SLC.
How do you kill a zombie?
Let’s face it.  We don’t want to leave the zombies alone, we want them gone.  95% of the time, destroying the head with your improvised and desperate weapons will kill them, but some think that simply decapitating the zombie is more efficient.  This prevents the brain from transmitting messages from to the Central Nervous System to the Peripheral Nervous System, and also… swords don’t run out of ammo.

The big picture is pretty simple:  Avoid Zombies, kill zombies and then dispose of them.  That’s the part everyone knows.  Here are some things you may not know:

Don’t split up.  If the movies are accurate, that attractive brunette WILL be killed, and become a zombie.  Then when you see her again you’ll think “Whew!  It’s only Hottie Von Miniskirt!  I’ll just turn my back…”  Wham!  Next thing you know she’s got your brain stem in her teeth.

Never use fire.  Don’t try to use fire to stop an advancing horde of zombies. They aren’t alive, so they can’t feel pain.  It might shorten their life span, but not by enough to matter.  Besides, the only thing worse than an undead mob of zombies trying eat your face meat, is when they are trying to eat your face while ON FIRE!  Also, burning can release airborne toxins, and you do not want a lung full of zombie ash.

If all else fails, either find Chuck Norris or get to the University of Florida.  They have a Zombie Apocalypse plan so you’ll have plenty of help.
You need to be prepping now if you are going to stay alive long enough to enjoy the zombie apocalypse.   You heard me.  It’s gonna be great!  Once we stop worrying about being eaten alive or dying of tetanus, we’ll realize that we’re free from balancing checkbooks, facebook game spam, and all those annoying laws we have.

Here is my Zombie Apocalypse bucket list (in order of importance):

1. Move into MC Hammer’s old mansion
2. Use a burning monster truck tire as a battering ram
3. Drive a hummer through a grocery store
4. Jump a motorcycle over a pool while being chased
5. Surf a lawn mower down an escalator in the mall
6. Kill a zombie by dropping a giant chandelier on them
7. Take over a fruit snack factory
8. Find food (when I get time)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Denver 3: The Poop Returns

Miscellaneous Claims
There are way too many claims to discuss in a blog, but here are some highlights:

Claim #1 - When first constructing the airport there were originally five buildings, but out of the blue, the builders were ordered to bury the buildings underground, because they were supposedly "built wrong".

How does one bury an entire building, especially an airport? There's absolutely no evidence of this.  The idea that they built some buildings and then buried them  is idiotic.

Claim #2 - Normally a building that is built wrong would be demolished, but in this case, it was not. This allowed for an underground base to be created, but there are still workers that are sent to these underground bases periodically, but when they are questioned about the nature of their work, they all refuse to comment.

Anyone with half a brain knows that if you want to build an underground base, you can’t just build the buildings and then bury them.  The buildings have to be built for being underground.  Second of all, TONS of buildings have underground storage, tunnels, etc.  This is not only unsurprising, it’s boring.  Anyone who knows me can attest that I have a blackbelt in internet searching.  If something is out there, I can find it.  I could find no evidence for “underground base workers” refusing to comment.  NONE!

Claim #3 - According to a contractor, these tunnels have a strange sprinkler system that was added on to the roofs of the tunnel, but the sprinkler system has no valid use as these tunnels are concrete and underground.

The tunnels are the "Denver International Airport Guideway Transit System".  It’s a way of getting around the airport without having to fight through the hordes of passengers.  It seems like an obvious requirement for a huge airport. It’s used for maintenance, support functions, etc.  Also, there are secondary tracks for all the trains exist in case one breaks down or there are maintenance problem for the track.  Important!  I found online the pictures of the tunnels they use, and they are NOT pictures of the Denver International Airport.

Claim# 4 - If relating these sprinkler systems back to the sign of Au Ag, in front of the mural, regarding the genocide then one must begin to wonder what the use of a sprinkler in a concrete tunnel, 150 feet below the ground would be.

Gaaah!  This is so stupid I am in pain!  Why do you think they have sprinklers down there, Genius? Who's going to put out fires?  Concrete isn’t flammable, but there are trains, storage, supplies AND PEOPLE down there.  Also, don’t be a moron.  The tunnels aren't 150 feet underground.  The movie is hinting that the sprinklers are used to spray people with Hepatitis.  That’s dumb.  Why would they put their main method for killing people underground?  How are they going to get their enemies to walk through 5 miles of tunnel to get sprayed with avirus?  This must the worst plan for world domination that I’ve seen.

Claim #5 - These underground bases appear to be holding rooms due to the sheer mass and size and same say they even allude to concentration camps, this is because 1) these holding rooms have no purpose and when the airport authorities were questioned, they say they are merely being used for storage.

You might as well ignore this claim.  The pictures they show are NOT even from the Denver Airport.  These pictures are used as proof of a hundred different things on conspiracy websites.  These underground “concentration camp” pictures are nothing but conspiracy clip art.  Many tunnels and rooms were built for a state-of-the-art baggage handling system.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of problems with it, and it was discontinued.

Claim #6 - People have attempted to argue that the underground bases are being used for storage, but one fact must be questioned: And that is why is the underground base 88.5 square miles long? And why were the five buildings mysteriously buried? No airport has, or needs, that much storage room.

You must be joking.  The underground rooms and tunnels are not 88.5 square miles long.  That’s bigger than the entire airport.  This a completely made up number.

Claim #7 - All the barbed wire fences face the inside of the airport, rather than facing the outside, which is what they usually do. This implies that they are trying to keep things in, rather than keep things out.

First of all, barbed wire fencing at certain parts of the airport (like runways) are required by federal law.  The fences at the Denver  airport in fact have barbed wire that is straight up and down and many areas not fenced at all because the place is so huge!  Once again, their fence pictures are NOT of the Denver Airport.  See how they are trying to deceive people?

Claim #8 The Queen of England, alongside many other famous European Royalty and politicians are hurriedly buying property next to the airport under an alias.

Are you kidding me? They provide no evidence of this, and after an annoying amount of googling, the only evidence I found was Alex Jones saying it was true.  There was no documentation whatsoever.  However, land around an airport is generally a good investment for anyone. I see no reason why rich people buying this land would be odd; even if it were true.

Claim #9 - Questions about what the government might be doing in this underground base may have been answered in 2007, when fourteen commercial aircraft reported spontaneously shattered windshields as the result of electromagnetic pulses.

First of all, an electromagnetic pulse is… big shocker… a pulse that is electromagnetic.  An EMP would have fried every electrical device in the plane (and the airport).  Oh.  And it also wouldn’t have broken the windshields.  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation says that the windshields were cracked (not shattered) and were damaged by debris during high winds.  It’s not possible for an EMP to break glass.

If you are going to build up a conspiracy, at least have some actual photographs, instead of passing off pictures of other tunnels and locations as a part of the conspiracy.  Also, get some interviews or something.  Of ANYONE!  Out of the thousands of people who work at the Denver Airport, you are telling me that no one would spill the beans for some extra cash?

I close with a quote from researcher and skeptical thinker Brian Dunning:

“Of course, if we don't uncritically accept all this, we're "sheeple" who have had the wool pulled over our eyes by the Illuminati overlords… The truth is that the Apocalypse is coming, and the New World Order has chosen to publicly announce their plans in an airport; but only the specially gifted “Patriots” are enlightened enough to see it.”

Friday, May 20, 2011

Denver 2: The Poopman Prophecies

The main mural covers four walls and was painted by Chicano artist Leo Tanguma, who was Mayan.  Given the strong Native American culture and history of the Denver area, a Chicano artist was chosen for the murals.  He uses a lot of Native American and Mexican symbolism, so some of it may seem a little strange and different to us.  And as we all know, different is bad.

The conspiracy over the pictures all relates to how one interprets the art.  People who are into this conspiracy maintain there is no good reason to paint murals like these.  Well, how about we ask the artist!

The artist’s work has nothing to do with the New World Order. In his own words: "My work comes out of the Chicano movement and I'm still trying to be faithful to my original ideal of human dignity for all people ..." (He sounds like someone who promotes genocide, huh?)
Go to the artist’s website and check him out for yourself.

In Peace and Harmony with Nature, Part I

This is actually  half of a mural called "The Children of the World Dream of Peace" and is the first part of a depiction of humanity’s journey from brutality to peace. Pretty cool idea.  So yeah, it’s creepy if you take the murals out of order and put a creepy voice over talking about them.
Claim #1 - The mural shows three dead women: an African (lower left), a Native American (lower middle), and a young Jewish girl (lower right).

What makes the girl Jewish? The blond hair and cross? Some people point out the "Star of David on her chest" and it does look like there is a cloth star there, but if anything, it probably represents “other religions” since she is also holding a bible. I think this make sense because then it represents the suffering of people by race, age and religion.  It’s a good way to start when your art is discussing how humanity can change.
According to the artist, the mural was designed to depict native people dying off due to colonialism. Originally all of the women in the painting were of color, but at the last minute the artist changed one to a European girl when he realized that white children also suffered as a result of militarism.  He sure sounds evil.

In the background is the destruction of a city and a forest representing the destruction of the world brought on by greed, expansion, etc.

Claim #2 - There is a little girl carrying Mayan tablet, alluding to the Mayan date of December 21, 2012 and depicting the destruction of civilization... etc. (bwah hah hah)

Even if the tablet is Mayan (and we don’t know that it is), who says it has anything to do with 2012 doomsdayers?  Not to mention that the 2012 date comes from a circular calendar, not some random tablet.  Also, the tablet has absolutely nothing on it that would indicate it has anything to do with destruction of anything.  But then I guess everything that is Mayan must be about destroying the world in 2012.  Bonus points to Alex Jones for making a picture about building world harmony about fear mongering.
Is the picture a little dark?  Yes.  But how do you have a mural showing a progression from war to peace without showing some war?

The Children of the World Dream of Peace, Frame I

This is actually the first frame of the second mural, as it is in two parts.  Conspiracy buffs almost always take this mural out of order and put it after part 2 to make it look like a war is planned to destroy peace.
This mural shows a military figure and holding a machine gun and a sword. This sword is stabbing a dove.  Since the dove is a symbol for peace, it implies that peace will be destroyed.  The mural seems pretty clearly a depiction of warfare and oppression.
In the lower right hand corner is a poem:

“I once was a little child
who longed for other worlds.
But I am no more a child
for I have known fear.
I have learned to hate...
How tragic, then, is youth
which lives with enemies,
with gallows ropes.
Yet, I still believe
I only sleep today.
That I'll wake up
a child again,
and start to
laugh and play.”

Hama Herchenberg, 14 years old.
Died December 18, 1943 in Auschwitz Concentration camp

Claim #3 - There are grayish waves imitating from the figure and these waves represent death, or in this case a poisonous gas that's killed everyone in its path. This mural is near the Au Ag symbol, the one that is related to the deadly virus strain.
There are no waves of death.  This is the other side of the rainbow that is the mural that follows (you’ll see it below). There is no poison gas, although some claim the soldier looks like he might be wearing a gas mask.  Last of all, we have already established that AUAG is not even close to deadly.

Claim #4 - One can also see a line of weeping women holding their dead infants and a group of dead children on a pile of bricks. The emphasis of this mural is of a cleansing that is going to kill a myriad of people in its path, however, interestingly enough, this mural has been painted over in recent years.
Brian Dunning points out: “The depicted woman in the foreground is Tanguma's representation of Mother Mary crying over the suffering of all of the children in the world. The dead infant in her arms reflects a mother's pain for the death of a child. The children on the pile of bricks are not dead, they're huddling out of fear, under the sword of conquest.”

I love the creepy music and the comment:“interesting that they painted over it”.  Alex Jones implies that they painted over it because it would reveal the New World Order plans to kill everyone and take over, etc.  Well, if they had to paint it over so their plans wouldn’t be given away…  why did they have it painted in the first place!?

This mural has not been painted over, although some of the other murals have been because the imagery was shocking and “offensive”.  The ACLU and National Coalition Against Censorship have been fighting to get all of the murals restored.

Yes, we don’t like to see dead children and scary looking soldiers.  But it’s supposed to shock us.  We often forget about war and its victims.  One thing the mural depicts is that if we can keep these atrocities in mind and learn from them, we can progress to a new way of living in peace.  That brings us to part 2 of the mural.  It is the most evil and despicable piece of them all.  Children smiling and happy.  Yech.

The Children of the World Dream of Peace, Frame II

Claim #5 – This mural shows the children of the world taking their weapons from each country and giving them to a German boy (gulp). He is then molding them into something else (something German! Gaah!).  All the children of the scene are of different ethnicity and all seem to be relieved.  All the countries in the world will turn over their power to Germany, we’ll be oppressed, etc. etc.
This is actually the second frame of the two-part mural mentioned above. The children are dressed in their native clothing and are coming together to bring about world peace. They do this by turning their weapons into tools of peace. The boy in the middle is hammering a sword into a plowshare.  This is a reference to a famous scripture in the Bible,

“They will beat their swords into plowshares
and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation,
nor will they train for war anymore” (Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:3).

I can only conclude the Bible was written by the New World Order.

The soldier from part 1 is now dead at the bottom and has two doves on him.  This shows that peace has triumphed at last, and productivity (the anvil) is now the focus of the world  instead of destruction (soldier). 
Obviously, the interpretation of these two murals changes dramatically if you put then in the wrong order.  I maintain we ought to put them in the same order AS THE ARTIST!

In Peace and Harmony with Nature, Part II

Claim #6 – A Jesus-like figure (who is secretly not Jesus) gathers everyone around a genetically modified plant.  Everyone is happy because most of the world is dead and now there is a lot of room for everyone.  Also, the genetically modified plant chemically forces them to be happy even though they are slaves to the New World Order.
Seriously?  A picture of smiling children makes them think of mind control, genetically modified foods, slavery and a fake Jesus?  Who are these people?

The mural has a figure in the middle who's holding a plant which symbolizes rebirth and is a flowering tree of peace (The picture is small, but there is a dove in the center of the tree).  Everyone is interested in and focused on the peace tree.  The artist is possibly depicting that the only lasting peace will be one which everyone is working on.

Claim #7 - This final mural alludes to a new Garden of Eden where the world is perfect size, and everything can work together in peace after the genocide that has taken place.
No, I don’t think so.  This is a parallel to the part II of the other mural where all the children are gathered to destroy the weapons of war.    There is absolutely no indicators of genocide in any ot the murals.
In conclusion:  the art is symbolic and a little disturbing at times; purposefully so.  The artist hopes to remind us that no matter the violence the earth has experienced, peace can triumph if we all work for it together.  It is somewhat tragic that some people are using these murals to tell an entirely opposite story.  They would have you believe that destruction is imminent, and you can’t stop the evil machine that is about to bear down on you.

If you want to know why the Queen of England and other world powers are buying land near the airport and why secret underground buildings have been buried there… read part 3.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Denver Conspiracy: A Parade of Poop

Alex Jones has a pivotal movie about the Denver Airport Conspiracy.  And by "pivotal" I mean "misleading and manipulative".  Since Alex is a poop peddler, we are already pretty skeptical about the credibility of this particular conspiracy.  Here is The Skinny on what “they” don’t want you to know, and what I found out about it. 

Proponents of the Denver Airport Conspiracy maintain:  The Denver airport was built even though they didn’t need it and it took up a "peculiar" amount of space.  It has nazi symbols all over and was built to further a secret plot by the New World Order, Illuminati, etc to kill most of the earth’s population using the ominously named “Australia Antigen”.  The artwork in the Denver airport depicts their sinister plans and we should all stockpile guns blah blah blah (you can pretty much guess the rest).

Claim #1 - The Denver airport was built in 1995 against protests and even thought they already had a perfectly good airport (therefore it must have been built for an evil purpose).

Ha!  What Denver had was the run-down Stapleton airport that was nearly 70 years old when the Denver airport opened!  The Stapleton runways were too short for large modern aircraft and too far apart.  Worse yet, there was no room for expansion because the airport was built in the city.  Nearby residents were always complaining about the noise and eventually filed a lawsuit.  So… a new airport was built (duh).  Yeah, the airport had fewer runways, but so what?  The point was that the runways were much longer and closer together.  Thus the new airport could handle any sized airplane in the world and do it in a more efficient manner.  Best of all, it was spaced away from stuff so that noise wouldn’t be an issue.

Claim #2 - The new airport had less runways and absolutely no new technological advancements.

Don’t make me laugh!  Just the redesign of the runway layout was a huge efficiency advancement.  They also added an ingenious automated baggage handling system, and eventually started using solar power.

Claim #3 - The only thing that this airport had that the old one didn't is a "strangely" large amount of "empty" space (Just what a secret organization needs to build a ginormous death ray or whatever).

Oh no!  That is proof of an evil plan!  Oh wait… the problem with the old airport was that they didn’t plan ahead far enough and ran out of space.  OF COURSE the new airport had lots of extra room.  That’s a lot more efficient than building a new airport every time things get crowded.

Claim #4 - When looking at an aerial shot of the new airport, the layout has shocked many. Denver Airport's runways have been situated in such a way that resembles a nazi swastika,

My knowledge of the swastika comes from The Sound of Music, but still… this is probably the worst swastika ever.  Admittedly, if you chose certain runways and ignore others altogether then you could get a swastika. But who cares?  Runways are laid out by engineers and other smart people according to prevailing winds and other factors.  If the runways need to be laid out to look like Homer Simpson in order to get the best results then that is what they’ll do.

Claim #5 -  The phrase DZIT DIT GAII appears on the floor, it is German for “black sun” and refers to a swastika.  (That proves a nazi connection!)

 This claim is both stupid and boring.  The phrase is found on the floor of the Denver Airport, but it's Navajo and means “White Mountain”.  In fact, there are Navajo phrases all around the airport.  We shouldn’t be surprised by this since the Navajo are a significant part of the state’s history. 

Claim #6 - Denver Airport has a lot of symbols that are connected to the New World Order. There is a dedication stone in the airport that mentions the New World Airport Commission - however there is no such thing! One can only assume that it is alluding to the New World Order!

This claim is based on the fact that the dedication stone has a Masonic symbol on it. What Alex Jones doesn’t tell you is that back in the day, the local Masonic lodge would often lay a corner stone with new buildings, time capsules, etc.  There are probably thousands of buildings across the U.S. that have a Masonic symbol on the cornerstone or capsule.  It’s hardly surprising, especially since the local lodge was a sponsor of the Denver capsule!  By the way, The New World Airport Commission did exist, it just went broke and had ended by the time they finished building the airport.

Claim #7 - There is a plate on the floor that shows the symbols Au Ag. Some may say that this is related to gold and silver, however one of the sponsors of the airport discovered a new, deadly strain of hepatitis known as Australia Antigen, and this is also symbolized by AUAG. What is scary is that this symbol is located right in front of a mural on a wall that is about genocide.

We’ll get to the murals in part 2.  Let’s talk about AU and AG. 
If you were in a state famous for mining, and saw a cart full of rocks labeled Au (Gold) and Ag (Silver) would you think you were looking at a symbol of the state’s history of mining, or a secret picture describing plans to kill billions of people? I thought so.

Supposedly, the symbol of Australia Antigen is AuAg.  Sure.  Whatever.  Except that scientists abbreviate it HBsAg.  D’oh!  Baruch Blumberg discovered the virus in 1975 and as far as I can tell he has never even BEEN to the Denver airport let alone spent money on it.

**Spoiler alert!** The common name for Australia Antigen is Hepatitis B!  Not only that, but there has been a vaccine for it for quite awhile; I have received it myself so that I can help stop the New World Order.   Hep B only will only infect people who aren’t vaccinated (take THAT Jenny McArthy!) and only kills 5-10% of those it infects.  It’s much less dangerous than small pox.

If the NWO (New World Order) was planning on using this as some kind of super virus as the excrement film maker Alex Jones suggests, then the NWO is pretty stupid.  Who devises a plan to kill “millions and millions of people” by using something that most of us have been vaccinated against and only kills 5-10% of the unvaccinated?  I would propose if the people running the New World Order are that dumb, then I have no need to worry about their evil plots.

See upcoming Part 2 for a discussion of the "genocide" Murals!