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Dr Julian Whitaker

Okay here is the Skinny on Doctor Julian Whitaker. First of all, if you are new to The Skinny, for the sake of easy reading I am not including references. This is not meant to be a scholarly paper, but an educational introduction. This of course contains my opinions, but based on my research I think my opinions are well founded. Please note that sarcasm and ad hominem attacks are not logical arguments and should not be considered evidence against him. However, he really irks me so I will be including them anyway.

I am not joking when I say that Julian’s main premise is that he is the savior of modern medicine and that the medical community are all lying to us for evil reasons and do not really want to help us.

Let us look at what Julian Whitaker claims in HIS OWN materials.

. Chronic ulcers are curable without drugs within 15 days.
2. A miraculous (read “magic”) plant preparation can cures arthritis within 14 days
3. An ancient cure that dissolves pain on contact. (I love really specific claims like this)
4. Alzheimer's disease cured by purging the body of elements that hypothetically cause the disease
5. Permanently end irritable-bowel pain without drugs
6. A topical cream that reverses osteoporosis
7. Foods that reverse hearing loss
8. Asthma is erasable within four days
9. Become Almost Immune To Breast Cancer
10. Become Almost Invulnerable To Disease & Aging
11. Cure Diabetes with a common mineral (and/or sugar depending on where you read)
12. Become almost invulnerable to disease. Miracle nutrient reduces risk for ALL disease 36%
13. Make High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease Extinct.
14. Cure your cataracts without surgery with Magic Eye Drops
15. Almost instantly improve macular degeneration
16. Prevent joint replacement surgery with a 4 week treatment
17. Reverse chronic lung damage in just 14 days.
18. Cure Lyme disease in 72 hours
19. Parkinson's tremors disappear 20 minutes after nutrient treatment
20. 8-minute miracle rebuilds shapely muscle even into your 90s!
21. Postmenopausal women made their bodies 15 to 20 years more youthful
22. Cure prostate cancer in two weeks

Wallace I. Sampson, M.D., a co-founder of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), and a medical professor at Stanford University, says of these claims: “Don't [they] sort of speak for themselves? I found myself chuckling out loud and I got louder as I neared the end. Not a true statement in the lot . . . .”

Ruth Kava, Ph.D., R.D., American Council on Science & Health (ACSH) Director of Nutrition, said that the “statements he made are misleading, incorrect, or ridiculous.”

None of us have time to discuss the stupidity of all these items. Let us once again refer to Occam’s Razor. It says, “entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitate”. If you don’t speak Latin, it roughly says that when considering two explanations or alternatives, the one which has the fewest assumptions or leaps of logic is most likely to be true.

NCAHF member David W. Ramey, D.V.M., observes: “No one has a cure for many of the conditions described. Anyone who did would make Bill Gates look like a pauper.”

Let’s Play The Occam’s Razor Game! (Choose the option which Occam would choose)

Option A: There are numerous diseases with which the medical community struggles to find a quick and easy cure. There IS much progress in many areas, but because progress is slow some people assume it is not happening.

Option B: EVERYONE in the medical community in the ENTIRE WORLD is clueless, stupid, greedy and/or part of a secret organization dedicated to preventing the curing of disease because they wants us to be dependent on them. AND somehow a man who was educated by those same people discovered 22 cures without even practicing as a real doctor. AND many of the cures were right in front of our noses the whole time. AND ALL doctors, nurses, drug companies, and medical professionals either missed it or have been hiding it.

Who is Doctor Julian Whitaker?

First of all, he actually does have a doctorate degree so he passes test number one. His degree is from Emory University Medical School. Following school he became an orthopedic surgical resident at a hospital affiliated with the University of California at San Francisco, but he never finished the program because he “discovered” that most of the medical knowledge he had been taught was nonsense. (Is this like finding out that everyone is crazy except you? I smell narcissism… and believe me… I know narcissism. J ) His own website says that he does not see patients, and I can find no evidence that he ever practiced as an actual doctor. He has, on the other hand, practiced being an opportunistic jerk and is excelling at it.

Someone might say, “But I read his brochure and he is support by the Wellness Institute Medical Clinic, the California Heart Medical Clinic, California Orthomolecular Medical Society and the American Preventative Medical Association!”

Dang. You got me. Oh wait! The Wellness Institute Medical Clinic was formed by Julian Whitaker! He was the director California Heart Medical Clinic, and co-founded the American Preventative Medical Association (APMA) and the California Orthomolecular Medical Society. So it is a surprise to no one that the organizations he founded support him. (I think I will begin claiming I am strongest person in the world. I will then form the Global Physiological Puckish Miraculum Institute to prove it.)

It should be noted that all of these are somewhat dubious organizations. For one thing, the APMA can be joined by anyone who makes medical claims. (I use unicorn powder to heal dysentery!) You do not have to be a doctor to join. This is just as well, because a real doctor would never join them anyway.

Whitaker also states that he is “board certified in anti-aging medicine” and that he practices preventive medicine. Wow! That sounds impressive! But if you check, he has never been certified in ANY specialty acknowledged by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), or by the American Medical Association (AMA). Despite his claims, there is no such thing as an “Anti-aging” specialist. The NCAHF points out that he is also not certified in preventative medicine.

In fact, the NCAHF (National Council Against Health Fraud) has been receiving complaints Julian’s patients. Doctor Whitaker claims that “the medical profession” tells “three big(gest) lies”: (1) disease just happens; (2) older people always have medical problems; (3) there's nothing you can do about it. These are not just idiotic claims. They are not even true. Regular medicine neither believes nor advances these ideas. So saying they DO say them and then calling the medical community stupid for it is just… well… stupid. It is called a “straw man” tactic. You make up a lie about what someone claims that is easy to shoot down, and then you pat yourself on the back for making them look bad. This technique was invented by third graders. Get a life, Whitaker.

The Cures

By digging for a long time in the cesspools of the internet, I found some descriptions of his cures without having to pay him.

How do you cure Lyme Disease? All you have to do is poison yourself MEGADOSES of vitamin C. Never mind that the Journal of the American Medical Association notes that massive infusions of vitamin C can cause Kidney Failure. (JAMA 1984;252:1684)

Want to be sexier in 8 minutes? Don’t bother exercising, changing your diet, and fixing your life. All you have to do is… oh wait. The fine print says it requires MILES of walking a day. Well that is not so amazing.

Curing diabetes with sugar? Seriously? His evidence for this is that he put sugar on a diabetic ulcer that was one someone’s leg. It healed! It can cure diabetes! Oy. Sugar and salt are both preserving agents. That’s why it is put into jam. Concluding that because it helped a wound it can cure the disease is a HUGE jump. I put Neosporin on a cut, but you don’t see me drinking it to cure my GERD. Want to try his cure? You can “Reverse Permanent Diabetes Damage” in 3 days.” All you have to do is take some vitamins and minerals. That's it. Then you can get back to drinking out of soda cups the size of popcorn buckets and eating like a grizzly bear.

Do you need to cure your prostate cancer? It also works for breast cancer! Well it is pretty easy and only requires 49.95 for a very complex “gene therapy”. The therapy essentially is drinking your own urine. (When I picture someone paying him 50 bucks to drink their own pee I laugh until I snort.)

Do you have back pain? I have a great quotes from the infamous Doctor Whitaker: “4 out of 5 bad backs [are] cured for good by corn syrup.” Of course, you’ll have to pay $50 to find out which .99 cent bottle of corn syrup to buy.

Other Reasons Why He Should be Kicked in the Shins

He publicly agrees with Tom Cruise that all mental illness should be treated with only vitamin supplements, diet and exercise. In an interview the interviewer asked him what sort of progress he sees when he treats people with mental illness. He said, “[We] see their energy levels increase, or their happiness ratio increase…” Gaah! What in the world is a “happiness ratio!” I WANT TO SCREAM! He went on to say, “I have been successful at helping people enhance their mood and their quality of life.” Enhancing the mood of someone is NOT NOT NOT the same as curing mental illness. I would like to poke his eyes out.

He uses faith in God as a weapon against desperate people. He says that God created a perfect body and if you trust God, you will use natural treatments supplied by God. (It is interesting to note that God’s treatments are all sold by him. I was unclear on whether or not he was claiming to be God.)

He is adamant that for our “safety” we must get rid of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, The American Diabetic Association, Medical Insurance, the National Council Against Health Fraud, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and all drug companies. (That sounds pretty safe to me.)

He says he uses orthomolecular medicine. It sounds fancy, but he’s just saying that all disease is caused by imbalances in the bodies main substances. This seems to be just another form of Humorism. (It’s not funny though.) It showed up about 400 B.C. and has only been shown to be false about A BILLION GILLION TIMES. His treatments involve huge doses of vitamins and minerals and hair analysis.

His brochure says that you can get a free home diagnosis. What it does not say is that you get your “free home diagnosis” by checking a few boxes on a post card and mailing it in. Gilbert Ross, M.D., ACSH's Medical Director, says of this process: “This offer is grossly mercantile and potentially dangerous. For one thing, it could delay a sick person's seeking bona fide medical attention. And there can't be much that is personal—or medically useful—about sending a report to someone about whom you know little more than what he or she has jotted concerning just one health problem.” I put Julian Whitaker in the same category as Sylvester Stallone’s mother who can tell your future by looking at your butt cheeks. Some people have called her a “rumpologist” but I prefer to call her “The Butt Whisperer”.

His anti-aging treatment is based on taking Human Growth Hormone. (This is dangerous and I am running out of ways to call this guy a stupid poopoo head.) The FDA is vehemently against taking HGH except for VERY specific medical conditions. It is not for people who want to stop aging. Eli Lilly & Co. and Genentech Inc. produce HGH in the U.S. and say it should not be used to stop or slow aging (which is unstoppable). Then again, if Chuck Norris can count to infinity (twice), then I suppose Whitaker could stop the unstoppable. The Wall Street Journal reported a U.S. manufacturer of HGH as saying, “At the dosage levels you have to go to [to] get helpful anti-aging effects, [HGH] runs amok on side effects.” No one should be surprised then that Human Growth hormone is HIGHLY restricted in the U.S. and can only be sold to pediatric endocrinologists. Don’t worry though. Doctor Whitaker has found a way around this. He has his HGH imported from Mexico. The founder of the company he works through has no medical training and in fact dropped out of high school.

In 2001 he sued the FDA for not allowing him to claim his herbal supplements cure cancer. (I wonder why not?) The FDA refused to evaluate the [anticancer] claim even though his proposed labels had a million disclaimers. Apparently they do not have time to investigate every crackpot claim that is submitted to them. Whitaker uses this as evidence that there is a conspiracy against him.

In 1995 he was charged with chelation therapy abuses. (Meaning he was performing it in ways considered unsafe, or using it for diagnoses that were inappropriate.) He claimed other doctors don’t do the same thing because they don’t make enough money at it. (Besides being dangerous, and possibly illegal) He seems to have forgotten that he made over $300,000 in 1995 doing this therapy. Poor guy just can’t make any money at it.

His medical studies are HORRIBLE. They are not scientific. They are a joke to actual scientists. The “evidence” Healing Miracles (his lame publication) presents as evidence: anecdotes, testimonials from individuals, allusions to studies, and oversimplified, non-contextualized exaggerations of handpicked findings from other people’s scientific research. Not to worry, his is not completely lazy. He has done studies. Let’s discuss one. It was a study on sexual function (let’s keep it PG) and the study involved one couple. (Big Study!) The proof that Whitaker's hocus pocus treatment worked is that the subject's wife rated him “a sexual 11” on a scale of 1 to 10. This evidence is indisputable proof.

As support for Whitaker’s claims, he points out that he has the support of two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling Ph.D. That is really something! He won the Nobel Prize twice in chemistry! Twice! And if I recall correctly, he is one of the only people to win a Nobel Prize in chemistry that was not shared with other people. That is pretty impressive. Although, I should point out that winning a Nobel Prize does not make a person infallible. Linus Pauling also claimed to have discovered methods to cure cancers using vitamin C. That is a strong endorsement from a Nobel Prize winning chemist! Well you can flush all that down the toilet because both Linus Pauling and his wife died of cancer.

I close with a personal comment and then a quote.

A personal comment. “I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You are scum between my toes!"

Saul Green, Ph.D., biochemist and immunologist with 23 years of experience as a cancer researcher said, “Whatever the case may be, patients who need nonpartisan advice should not expect to get it from Whitaker. Whitaker is smart. He knows what the public wants. He knows what scared patients want. With catchphrases and antiestablishment rhetoric, he tells the public what it wants to hear about health, aging, and cures.”


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Alauna said...

Why has no one turned him in? Why is Prevention magazine selling his book? Common sense tells us that sometimes you need a doctor that knows what he is doing. I think there are many herbal remedies that do work. I think this man is ruining things both herbally and medically for a lot of people. That is so sad.

W B said...

Ah, God--I'm so glad I found this blog. I'm totally LMAO right now! I can't stand Whitaker--what I hate even more is how absolutely gullible folks are. They'll believe that certified medical experts and the FDA are evil...then fail to apply the same amount of sketicism to someone who's SELLING THEM SOMETHING??? I found this blog because I was looking for any registered complaints against Whitaker to show my mother...who is one of those gullible people. *sigh!* Thanks for a fun read!

jake said...

I received an email "heads up" from Dick Morris, who I respect as an inside political reporter.

The claims of Whitaker (via Morris's website) sound too good to be true as a diabetic and one with renal issues.

I was searching for some insight on the "miracles" attributed to Whitaker. Caveat Emptor still is the guideline.

Jan Roth



GailDix said...

29 June 09 Restful Night Essentials Dr. Whitaker
Dear Dr. Whitaker,
I’m a 73-year old male with good health in most ways. I’m a former marathoner, having done 13 marathons, including Boston, Pike’s Peak, and a 50km run-walk (on the 30th of June 1979 in Austin, TX. We should have staged it in winter, but at least we started at 6 AM. On the other hand, I did one marathon, Cowtown, in Fort Worth, when the temperature was 23 to 25 degrees during the 3 hours and 34 minutes it took, resulting in hypothermia (treated with hot beef stew by my wife, Gail). My best marathon was Woodlands, TX in February of 1980, in which I averaged 7:03 per mile, when I was 44 (3:05:01).
I have been using Restful Night Essentials (RNE) for almost two months, now. For 4 days I took only one, but from 9 May to 28 June I’ve taken two each night. In the last couple of years, I’ve been getting a lot of exercise. I walked the Capitol 10 km run 30 March 2008 and 29 March 2009. Before the run this year, I got up to 25 miles a week, walking, at about 3 mph. I have a balance problem, but on a rubber track as at U of Texas Rec. Sports, or O’Henry Middle School, I can actually run. With a 3-inch vertical jump, it’s hard to distinguish it from walking, however. On the treadmill, I can get up to 4 mph or so with the wind in my hair, hanging on for dear life. I walked 8 miles in a day a couple of times. I got the feeling during that time that I needed to walk 3 miles one day to sleep well that night. And, as I got in better shape, I seemed to need 4 miles. By “sleeping well” I mean getting up only once or twice a night. Well, at my age, it seems to go with the territory. By the way, I drink a quart of water early in the morning and again, as early as possible, each day, with orange juice or decaffeinated tea substituted for some of the water. (I weigh 156 lb.).
Then when I started taking Restful Night Essentials, it didn’t seem to matter whether I had exercised, or not. I sometimes got up only once on days after not exercising at all. Now that’s phenomenal! I still feel that exercise is good, but maybe I can do something else 2 or 3 days a week.
I had had a somewhat sore toe during the last few weeks, and after getting it treated by a podiatrist, I let it rest for almost 2 months. During that time I’ve been swimming for most of my exercise, usually a km 3 or 4 times a week.
Starting maybe ten years ago, I always got up 3 or 4 or more times a night, until 29 Dec 2007. Then, after the Alamo Bowl football game in San Antonio that night, and about 3 miles of walking before the game, I got up only one time that night. Since that time it’s gotten a lot more common, especially when I’ve walked several miles. I went to a couple of weddings in my family, and danced for an hour or two, starting at midnight, in one case, and felt great. I think all of the exercise paid off, at that time.
In the 56 days that I’ve taken Restful Night Essentials (RNE), I’ve gotten up to go to the bathroom 1 time/night 12 times, 2 times/night 35 times, 3 times/night 8 times, and 4 times/night 1 time. The latter night I was worrying about a certain personal non-threatening problem.
I may be prejudiced in favor of Dr. Whitaker. My grandfather was a doctor, Dr. Samuel Davis Wall, and his father was a doctor, Dr. Williams (sic) Davis Wall, and my great-grandmother was Annie Augusta Whitaker. Our family tree, as far as we’ve gotten it, is at

GailDix said...

For a while, before I realized Restful Night Essentials (RNE) worked, I called them "Restless Night Essentials," as an attempt at humor. But lately, I've been convinced they work, (See blog by GailDix), as in the last month I've had to make only one pit stop a night about a third of the time, 2 a night most of the rest, even though I'm walking only about 10 miles a week. Before I started taking them, I was walking as much as 25 miles a week, and seldom going all night with only 1 pit stop a night. So, I've started calling them "Restless Knight Preventials." (RKP) That almost rhymes with testimonials. This is a positive one of those. We also started taking Transveritrol Plus, (T+), also by Dr. Whitaker based on the fact that RKP (alias RNE) works so well. Since I've been taking T+ I haven't felt any older! OK, I guess the jury will be out for a while. But juries need rest, too. I'm 73, and the last time I was on a jury was early 2009. What I'm wondering is, "Does Dr. Whitaker take these, too? What if I live to, say, 110, and Dr. Whitaker retires, will I still be able to get Transveritrol Plus?"

CarolMc said...


What's up with more than the one apologized extra post? With a scientific background you should know better than to apply what worked for you (or any small number of casestudies) as support in lieu of true scientific study. What really bothers me, is I get a call from my 84 year old mother, who gets this pop science junk in the mail & is now convinced there is a cure for my 94 year old father with only one failing kidney. He has a great nephrologist who seems him monthly & with without whom he would have been dead 5 years ago (not an exaggeration). Dad doesn't want dialysis (due to a number of valid reasons), but since a "doctor" says there is a cure & since my Mom is desparate, she's considering traveling to California for a cure. Dr. Whitaker's claims hurt people, they truly do.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dr. Whitaker is nothing but a marketing vulture who preys on gullible victims. He's out there to make a fast buck. His Shipping & Handling charges are giveaways. If you order $25 worth of item or less, the "Standard Delivery" charges is $5.99 and is shipped in 12 business days. This, in itself is ridiculous. Since you want to get that "miracle cure" right away and cannot wait forever, you have to shell out an additional $10 to have that "magic cure" in 3 days. Hmmm, something smells fishy here, right?

Anonymous said...

I started to read one of his ads because it said he knew some "secrets" about diabetes. But about halfway through the ad I knew he was a quack because he claims to cure a dozen different diseases with non-traditional cures. Anyone might have learned one "secret". Anyone who has learned so many is just selling "Dr Good's Universal Cure" from the back of his wagon. You just gotta use a little common sense.

Philip John said...

I don't know much about Dr. Whitaker, but I believe instead of just casting suppositions or accusations, medically sound people without bias should systematically test his claims of cures since he is a also a certified doctor.

Talk and listen to him, see what he does, check and monitor the patients undergoing treatment. Only then, there can be true judgement, punishment, and vindication.

ANDRE said...

Wow! The way many of you guys prejudge doctors who promote natural treatments is scary. I know Dr. Whitaker has a clinic in Newport Beach, Ca where his staff treats people with natural & pharmaceutical substances. If the author of this blog isn't a disgruntled patient, then why would you speak so evil about a man who could be helping people. Watch his videos on youtube or call the Whitaker Wellness Institute. Do your homework before you judge.

Anonymous said...

Well I have tried many of his vitamins and I can say they sure helped me. Most conventional Doctors know very little about nutrition and the little they are taught in medical school is what a 5 year old already knows. I am going to stick with Dr. Whitaker! So far, so good!

bluecheck2 said...

I was diagnosed with diabetes three days ago and was in a store browsing books today. I saw about fifty of them and was actually going to go back tomorrow to buy Whitaker's. The M.D. on the cover got be as I browsed and the fact it said I could reverse things. I'll save my money and my health now thanks to you. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I wanna to decide some of questions in this area. Could u help me to do it?

Alex said...

Yeah, "people" in support of Dr. Whitaker... A blog is not 2 posts. Hey Dr. Whitaker, I can too pay someone to create a bunch of accounts and made-up stories to support drinking your own urine if I wanted to, but I don't - it's immoral. I would warn everyone to stay cautious of the long, specific claims of responses in support of this crackpot Whitaker. A quick browse into the actual profiles of those seemingly credible posts reveal similarly questionable people, cough.. mmm... GailDix.

Undoubtedly posts in favor of Whitaker are only here from paid employees cruising the few top sites that come up in Google Search. In fact, it could only be one or two people leaving all this nonsense, if you could call it a legit job.

Just don't be swayed by these fake accounts and unsupported responses.

Anonymous said...

LOL You're an accountant. Like anyone should listen to you about medical ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

If you think the Food and Drug Administration looks out for you, you are very stupid. The FDA has evidence that a drug is harmful to you, but do they take it off the market--NO Way--lets just put a warning on the label and that will fix the problem! What a joke. The United States is run by Big Pharma. All the research being done is not to find a cure for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. It is to put more money in the coffers of the drug companies. Look what the big execs make alone for all the profits the company makes. If they find a cure for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, or any other disease, there will no longer any money for Big Pharma. Thankfully some doctors realize all the LIES that have been told and are speaking out for natural cures.
I had a knee replacement over five years ago that was suppose to solve my problem. NO only more pain than I ever had and still knee buckles. I was only in my mid fifties at the time. Would I have another replacement of the other knee or hip? If I still have my mind, NO. I should have tries some of the supplements now recommended. Don't think I could have done anything worse than had my surgery. Nothing like feeling like a huge wooden club in your knee and leg 24/7.

Oh, and do you know the FDA gets millions every time they approve a drug. They let testing go out the window in favor of the big $$$$.

The American Cancer Society also is another joke. They aren't out to find a cure. Look at how many millions if not billions they have in their treasury. Check it out for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Notice your an accountant by occupation. Do you work for the Food and Drug Administration by any chance?

Wouldn't be surprised, they are such crooks and not looking out for the people whatsoever. Just $$$$$ in their pockets.

The FDA'a motto,"What can we approve that will bring us more money and kill off the people so there will be less people on social security in the future!!"

Scott said...

This will apparently take multiple posts, sorry.

This is a letter I sent to Dr. Whitakers email address:
To whom it may concern,
I'm 45 years old and still get suckered into things. I've been told since I've been old enough to understand speech, that if something sounds too good to be true, it is. Not "it usually is", but "it is". With that said, I have to say how utterly disappointed I am in myself that I was suckered into Dr. Whitakers web. I will do anything to help my wife get better (don't have the time now to go into all that is wrong with her) and I bet that is what this Dr. and his company are counting on, desperate people. And he "sounds" like he truly cares. When I came across the website:

Scott said...

I thought I had finally found a way for my wife to beat her diabetes. After reading every word on that page, I immediately ordered the magazine (I have yet to see) just so I could get the bonus report on beating diabetes in three weeks. To be honest, that page looked more like a late night infomercial than something that should shout "credible", but again, because I'm tired of my wife taking over 110 units of insulin and at least 9 different pills every day trying to get her blood sugar levels down, I resisted my "too good to be true" instincts and ordered anyway. I wanted to get the "prescription" for taking that wonder supplement, Vanadium, to make sure she takes it right and kicks the diabetes out of her system. Instead, what do we find when we start investigating Vanadium? Here's just a couple examples:

Scott said...

After reading these, especially the latter, I honestly feel that Dr. Whitaker should be brought up on charges of malpractice. But of course, that will never happen because he has expensive lawyers that make sure there are disclaimers strategically placed all over his web pages. What else could cover his butt when he is telling people to consume 150mg of something per day when university research shows that the intake of Vanadium should be no more than 1.8mg. More is considered TOXIC and may cause liver or kidney damage.
I realize I am completely wasting my time, and I will never hear a word back from Dr. Whitaker, if he really is a Dr. at all, but I just want to ask, HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT???? The words charlatan and snake oil salesman have never come more clearly to my mind than now. I truly thought I had found someone that had done the research, had found a "cure" for this horrible disease, and wanted to "help" people to beat it, only charging a nominal fee for what could have been some very useful health tips and the "cure", only to see that you are more interested in selling overpriced supplements and having people "check in" for an extended stay at the clinic. I can't even begin to imagine how much that costs. Again, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. And this is.
You know, I thought about seeking a refund of all the money I spent, because I am far from wealthy. In fact we barely survive paycheck to paycheck, especially with all the medical costs for my wife, but if "Dr." Whitaker needs money so bad he is willing to sell TOXIC solutions to desperate people, he needs the money more than I do.
Well, that was sent yesterday January 17, 2011 and I haven't heard anything, nor do I expect to. Now, it's back to being depressed that nothing is helping my wife.

Scott said...
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Scott said...
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Anonymous said...

I would believe Dr. Whitaker any day before I would believe the corrupt FDA, AMA and most brain- washed physicians. Medicine is always evolving so one should always be open for new ideas. Dr. Ignaz Semmellweiss figured out in 1847 that germs were causing childbirth deaths but most physicians were too stubborn to believe "germs", which they couldn't see, could cause these deaths. Thus, women continued to die for another 20+ plus years until Pastuer supported the germ theory. Not too cool if your wife died because the physician was too stubborn to wash his hands.

Remember that for every action, there is a reaction, and in my opinion, most drugs have too many damaging unintended consequences. More education would also be helpful about the toxic body load that most Americans are walking around with. Traditional medicine barely acknowledges this. Where do you think all the autism is coming from??? If America relies on the traditional medical system we have now, we are in big trouble as the baby boomers age. Take care of yourself, because you won't want to need a doctor.

Bob said...

For the most part this guy is right. And every one of this lambastes generally falls right back onto how he has earned his success but give him some credit. The problem is that we live in a country based on profit-- the lower the overhead and margin the more "successful" someone can be. In terms of time..if the amount of actual care given an individual is proportional to the time spent. (It is.) Then a doctor can also achieve that "success" by seeing more patients. That is obviously "ripping off" each patient. Bluntly, It's gotten out of hand. The best way to explain this is that this guy has suggested what could be referred to as less violent and costly means. I just hope that his kidneys and liver don't shut down while he still has gas in tank. He recommends eating an awful lot of vitamins. And yes, The FDA is as evil or as good as what it leads. If the focus in the country is allowed to be profiting from people's illness, then the FDA can only be responsible for what it's elected officials understand. The upside is that a lot has been learned by deregulating drug companies. This is common sense. But I am glad I was able to write here. I was also a premed student. Kines minor. Lots of psych classes.

Bob said...

I have a question for the guy named Scott. I really hope that he can get back to me. Because I am oh so curious. Did you follow through with that plan for your wife. A lot of argument takes place about whether something is "holistic" etc. Well medicine is just a kick where you need it. Its is necessarily holistic. Whitaker is a kick in the kidneys and the liver. It's also anti establishment and kick in the wallet. It's holistic alright. But I have to tell you. once someone becomes insulin dependent or dependent on anything for that matter, the chance of full recovery are not good if that is your only hammer to attack that nail. So I ask you, did you believe that the treatment was going to help and follow through one hundred percent, or did you look at it skeptically like a banker? and concern yourself with the shipping costs etc? and with what Whitaker was doing moreso than what you were doing which is supposed to be helping yourself (I see that) and your wife more than anything else. I'm not trying to personally attack you. Just KICK you. Good luck. Again, I really want to hear back from you. Leave it up on the board.

Bob said...
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Bob said...

oh sorry. I said elected officials. These people are appointed, I believe. If you are skeptical at all about medicine in general or the FDA, I would say the best place to start is to understand the Recovery Model. It is from psychiatry but it relates to all medicine. The basis is that anytime you are treated, you have also been "violated" and need the time to fully recover. You usually have to fully understand what the doctors did. Added hardware for a fracture? etc. Etc. Best practice would allow for not only full recovery in society and get you back working with lessened symptoms, but get you completely healed. This is currently a non-priority in Western medicine. Only Eastern (Japan) has some of those things right and fully assimilated into culture. Our GDP is higher, their lifespan is longer. They don't mind coming in second but they take better care of themselves on a daily basis. I know that I am generalizing but I hope this helps.

Noelle said...

I use to work at Dr. Whitaker's Wellness Center IN NB! I worked there in the late 90's. I got in trouble because the medical treatments including labs are not covered by most insurance companies. I told multiple patients to have thier labs done by their regular doctor and save a few $$. I got in trouble. They ordered the SAME panels, treatements and labs on every single patient. ( thousands of dollars ) I worked there, I couldn't keep diet coke in the fridge.. or be seen eating what I wished on my owns breaks. Its one job I walked out of. Never went back and DO NOT endorse anything from Dr. W. It's all about the money

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with diabetes 20 years ago. Since I saw too much medicine partly responsible for my mom's death, I went to a health food store saw his book on reversing diabetes , bought it, and followed his program. I lost fiftylbs following his recipes, and excersising, and taking vitamins. I will add a lot of prayer and God'd help went into that also. Medical drs have tired to get me on meds for twenty years but so far no go. I do not have the problems many have on meds so why change. And yes my blood sugars have ran extremely high at times. I would go to his clinic in a heartbeat if I could afford it but I cannot. Medicine has caused my medically induced lupus and raynauds because they talked me into blood pressure meds by scaring the crap out of me. I am in the process of finding a ND in my area at this time and trust them more than money grubbing docs who are pushing pharm. drugs for the money. I am not anti meds or surgery when really needed but get both opinions before taking anything that has such horrible side effects.

Anonymous said...

Should have read my post and corrected the typos. I will add about the sugar cure. Yes, I used it on a horrible cut on my leg just as he said to use it in his book and it worked. Took the infection away and I did not need any antibiotics.

Tommy Daniel said...

My son is totally bedridden, on a ventilator, and tube fed. His diet and medications have not changed. His A1C was 6.5 and I started him on Dr. Whitaker's Glucose Essentials and gave him 1 capsule with each feeding for 3 months. At the end of 3 months his A1C was still 6.5. Glucose Essentials did not help control his sugar level as Dr. Whitaker claimed. I personally will never believe any of Whitaker's products work. If proof that one does not work, then chances are the others do not work either. I do not mind putting my name to this blog because I now think Dr. Whitaker is a fraud and only out to make money and has no heart for patients.

Anonymous said...

My brother decided to take Whitaker's Vanadium supplement to help reduce his blood sugar. What it reduced was his weight,energy level and muscle mass....DRAMATICALLY! He was 6'1" and 148 lbs. he quit taking the supplements and has gained 5 lbs in a week. The guy is a snakeoil salesman and a danger to society.

George said...

Conventional doctor's are good at one thing,diagnosing but besides that all they know is to prescribe drugs based on pharmacutical companies direction. I've never seen a drug that did not have side effects and many are not pleasant. One good example is chemotherapy drugs, many people lives are cut short from there use. Also, if it can't be controlled by the FDA then t must be bad.

Anonymous said...

Whitaker supports holistic health, and i wouldn't be alive and very well today if I'd listened to only what M.D.'s have to say about everything. For example, for chronic pain, a rheumatologist prescribed VIOXX: if I'd followed that prescription, I could have died. Instead, I took Calcium and Magnesium and exercised through the pain and went to a chiropractor for care. Result? HEALED!! It's a longer much more complicated story, and what it boils down to is that we all must search for the true healers and take chances if we want to be healed, because modern medical science hasn't kept up with the techniques discovered by those who think outside the box---AS ALWAYS--DOWN THROUGH HISTORY--- tHE METAPHOR HAS BEEN--IT TAKES QUITE A WHILE TO STOP USING LEECHES INSTEAD OF WHAT REALLY WORKS.

Anonymous said...

The originator of the Daily Skinny isn't man enough to come out and identify himself.

He has no experience with any of Dr. Whitaker's treatment strategies.

He has no knowledge of the incompetence of the FDA in general, which has given clearance to many dangerous medications which have killed people.

I am one of several patients of this clinic from New York State who have had successful treatment outcomes for diseases the originator says are incurable just because orthodox medicine hasn't developed one.

This group of patients have prior and post medical documentation of disease present, and non present post Whitaker's treatment, unbeknownst to the medical establishments which carried out the tests, who were confounded about the outcomes. We didn't enlighten them because they would have reacted the same way as the originator of this blog does.

The originator of this blog is so toxic with a disdain for Julian Whitaker that his statements are rife with what could at best be only classified as heated allegations.

To be truly objective, the originator of this blog should personally introduce some patients with the diseases which can be successfully treated at this clinic as they were with us, and follow them closely to monitor the treatment plans and observe the outcomes for himself.

The only risk he would run by doing that, is risk being identified and sued.

With such a toxic attitude, I would definitely want to be your patient.

Fortunately, we had medical doctors who actually suggested that we go to Dr Whitakers clinic.
We thank them so much

Anonymous said...

Numerous investigative journalists have exposed the FDA as run by pro-pharmaceutical company and medical device manufacturer appointees who have distinguished themselves as enablers of the worst sort of corporate malfeasance by the very companies they have been charged with regulating. The FDA henhouse has shamelessly slow-tracked investigations into hideously dangerous drugs and devices they’ve previously approved, in order to protect the economic interests of the criminal corporations responsible for those officially sanctioned disasters. And they’ve done all this while attempting to suppress food supplements and alternative treatments with documented effectiveness.
Allopathic medicine’s apologists are on unsteady ground when they attack naturopaths, chiropractors and herbalists, given conventional medicine’s dismal and checkered history. To its great discredit, allopathic practitioners made a fetish of treating disease symptoms rather than emphasizing prevention and seeking to eradicate root causes of illnesses. In direct contradiction of Hippocrates’ dictum, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” the high priests of mechanized medicine de-emphasized the nutritional basis for health, in favor of artificial, but lucrative, chemical treatments. This arrangement perfectly suited the medical community’s giant chemical company benefactors, while eviscerating the health of millions of trusting and unsuspecting Americans.
The AMA has further debased itself by conducting a series of absurd witch hunts against practitioners whose treatment principles threatened the institutional primacy of industrial medicine, by presiding over the unconscionable practice of mass forced sterilizations of mentally challenged women and women of color, by standing mute as the tobacco cabals spewed endless lies about the relative safety of tobacco smoking, and by permitting the pernicious practice of cafeteria-style hysterectomies of millions of American women.
In view of the preponderance of evidence against their tenuous position, it might behoove this blogger and the big medicine sycophants commenting in chorus with his views, to reconsider their flimsy arguments before lobbing emotional attacks against a man who has done so much to open people’s eyes to the mass medical deception that has duped present-day civilization. Surely, they can do better than that.

Anonymous said...

have experienced side effects from several perscription medications - one needed a trip to the emergency room -and the drug didn't help the problem that it was prescribed for.
another was a prescription of levoquin which caused problems with walking which still continues 2 1/2 years after taking the medication. I am very sure that if any natural remedy sold by alternative Doc/provider, were to have a small fraction of the adverse reactions that prescription drugs do the FDA and gang would have them in prison - note how Gov/FDA protects the big Companies ( movies "Tucker" and "Burzynski")

Anonymous said...

If you want to see a scam, look at your own website you've set up. Why not get your facts straight instead of posting false misrepresentations of fact by taking things out of context. I was a skeptic until I went to his clinic and saw the results for myself. I see no interviews you've done with his patients who can vouch for the results. 46 doctors in my HMO couldn't fix what I had--the folks at the Whitaker Institute found it and solved it. My advice, you better wake up and get educated on your immature approach to how you present logical debate. You need to get your info from reliable sources, such as actual patients instead of the bigoted tabloid style stupidity you present here.

merrymix said...

My husband has been a diabetic for 21 years and took insulin 4 x day.
When he got on the Vanadium, it was remarkable! After only 9 days, his sugar levels dropped to the point that he needed very little insulin.
As I read more about interaction and as he was taking so much crap from the doctors, we discontinued the Vanadium and all the problems came back. We've now just started it again since he will be having his blood tested in 3 weeks.
For all you diabetics reading this, there is something that really, really works and is proven and safe. Look up Xu Xiao San -- be sure to get the original. It takes 12 per day if you are long-term diabetic, but in the end, it is a CURE! My husband was on this when he first was diagnosed. Although he could eat as much candy and cake as he wanted and his sugar levels remained perfect, his Endocrinologist was FURIOUS! It scared him and he quit taking it and it's been downhill ever since.
The Vanadium doesn't require as many pills but it's not a permanent solution like the other.

Anonymous said...

I recently went to Dr. Whitaker's
Wellness Institute. I had a lot of health issues and problems before. After only 1 week there for treatment 4 weeks commuting for further therapies and taking various supplements prescribed by a doctor there, I feel a lot better and healthier. I must say Dr. Whitaker does have merit, even though insurance companies do not cover the cost.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants proof that the FDA is corrupt, watch The Burzynski Movie now free on youtube.

Carol Louise said...

This blog is so interesting and I'm glad I found it. I've wondered about the claims of Dr. Whitaker for years. My 89-year-old mother is cared for by an 85-year-old "angel friend" who has moved in to her home to care for her 24/7. He swears by Dr. Whitaker. Problem is, she is running out of money and he buys so many supplements from Dr. Whitaker that it is a strain on her bank account. I think I know how the magic that Dr. Whitaker is selling works. It's the placebo effect. (Has anyone mentioned that? I haven't read this blog completely through.) Mother's caregiver is such a believer in Dr. Whitaker's cures that "his mind" convinces him that they do in fact work. Even I have been tempted to buy a brain enhancing supplement (I forget everything) because of his claims of how well they work.

Carol Louise said...

If you are speaking the truth, why would you sign your name "ANONYMOUS?" Just curious about that.

Carol Louise said...

Carol Louise again. I forgot to mention above (it's my memory problem) that my husband did take the brain supplement and he actually thought it was helping (the Placebo effect) but I could tell absolutely no no no difference. He later admitted it didn't help either. He wanted to believe it was working. As far as my mother is concerned, the brain supplement has absolutely no effect.

stephen peterson said...

Skeptics take your head out of the sand. Go to the burzinski movie home page (google it), top right is transcripts section, links in there go to pdf scans of actual documents. Review the court transcript testimony of Dr. Nicholas Patrinas at the 1993 trial of burzynski before the texas state medical board. Review the summary of the entire movie of what was done to Burzinski - there is an article on that page that explains it (4 grand jury investigations, indictments for potentially hundreds of years in prison, systematic attempted patent theft and more). Then give us an explanation other than that the FDA, NIH, national institutes of cancer, medical schools and facilities are all corrupted by pharmacutical industry profits, as far as treatment of chronic diseases (at least cancer!) is concerned. If you have an alternative plausable explanation after examining this evidence I WANT TO HEAR IT! I have an open mind!
Stephen Peterson

Larry B. said...

The only thing I have to say about this post is that if you wanted to be considered a credible person you would leave out the extra comments. My in-laws take many of Dr. Whitakers products and I belive they should read this but with your other comments all they would say is your an idiot and a joke.

Anonymous said...

My mother had read all of Dr. Whitaker's info he had sent her. She is 71 years and has CHF. She refused to take any doctor prescribed medications after being influenced by his information. I am sitting here looking at his magazine where she had circled many different areas. On one page she has circled, "If you're counting on mainstream medicine to save you from CHF, think again." There is so much more I can say, but the main point I want to put through is: My mom starting reading his magazine's, she refused to go to the doctor or take medication, she ordered his vitamins instead, and now I am taking care of her 24 hours a day because she had a stroke. If she took medication and went to the doctor she would be able to still walk, go to the bathroom herself, have use of her right side, and it would be wonderful to hear her voice again. Please be careful to watch what your friends and family are reading. Thank you for bringing this to the public's attention!

Anonymous said...

This is not EGO, but everyone , consider the truth in all of this !
Dr JW is no different than a whole host of self-proclaimed natural healers selling supplements and goods for profit and acclaim. In the meantime they seem to study enough to produce some good things that help with our quality of life (eg., strengthening agents for our eyes, heart, sleeplessness, etc.).
They are "show-biz" snake-oil capitalists while incidentally helping folks along their path, i.e., streets paved with OUR Gold !
JW and all the others should be followed with caution , discrimination and above all intellegence and common sense!
Do the research on their claims and ingredients, and if it works , give it a go. Make sure it is safe.
Product ingredients can point us to less expensive labels and companies, deriving the same benefits as all of these "charmers"!

Anonymous said...

First I would like to clarify Linus Pauling's Nobel Prizes. He received the first in chemistry, for his study and elaboration of chemical bonds. The second was a Peace Prize. Both were unshared.

Having gotten that out of the way, please be aware that physicians in the area of complementary medicine run the gamut from excellent to ridiculous. They all work with imperfect information ... just as do conventional doctors. They have the added burden of having to overcome societal bias.

However, I advocate that you never simply take any physician's word for anything without doing your homework. To quote Reagan, trust but verify. The bad docs can sometimes get it right. Scarier than that, the good ones can be wrong sometimes.

You bear the ultimate responsibility for making a choice/decision about your own health. Don't think you can hand it off to someone else without qualifying him/her first. And, yes, some of these guys are much better marketers than they are physicians!

Anonymous said...

First I would like to clarify Linus Pauling's Nobel Prizes. He received the first in chemistry, for his study and elaboration of chemical bonds. The second was a Peace Prize. Both were unshared.

Having gotten that out of the way, please be aware that physicians in the area of complementary medicine run the gamut from excellent to ridiculous. They all work with imperfect information ... just as do conventional doctors. They have the added burden of having to overcome societal bias.

However, I advocate that you never simply take any physician's word for anything without doing your homework. To quote Reagan, trust but verify. The bad docs can sometimes get it right. Scarier than that, the good ones can be wrong sometimes.

You bear the ultimate responsibility for making a choice/decision about your own health. Don't think you can hand it off to someone else without qualifying him/her first.

And, yes, some of these guys are much better marketers than they are physicians!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The guy running this sight is a loon! Dr Whitaker and others like him may not be perfect...but is anyone? He points you in a direction whee you become active and responsible for your own health. Not everything works for everyone and no one does things identically so you get varied results.
The Doctors are victims as much as are the patients. a doctor spends a fortune getting educated and somewhere during the course of his education he realizes just what being a Doctor today is all about. doctors become a salesman for the drug industry. They are dictated as to how they must "treat" every situation. Prescribing drugs is their solution to everything...then surgery and chemotherapy.
When they become aware that they have spent 10's of thousands of dollars to become a drug salesman puppet it is too late to turn back. Very few can buck the system. Dr Whitaker, Dr Williams and others like him are fighting the fight and should be respected for doing so.
Let s not forget about whistle blower Kevin Trudeau.
These people may make good money from their efforts but they need to. They are under constant surveillance and attack by the FDA , AMA and the like.
The FDA is for sure an organization that has run amuk, unchecked and evil in it s intent to eliminate any and all natural cures.
research all the treatment modalities that were available and successful in years gone by. Read about cancer cures that suddenly disappeared and their creators murdered and records and equipment seized and destroyed.
Big Pharma and the FDA are in bed together. It needs to end. All the Zombie patients who do whatever their doctors say, without question need to wake up. The FDA needs to be reigned in and put back on course.
Become active in your own health and dont rely totally on anyone. doctors have Opinions.....they are not gods and are as flawed as anyone on the street. Is your mechanic above reproach? well, just think, your mechanic could have gone to medical school instead of opening a garage. medical school doesnt inbcreae intelligence but it does increase earning power. Would you want your mechanic prescribing drugs for you? well, he could be...just pay the money for the licenses and there you are.
This mat seem extreme but the point is that Doctors are not Godlike creatures...they have human laziness, greed, apathy...tec.

Anonymous said...

His sleep aid helps me when nothing else drs gave me helped u all are the quacks

Anonymous said...

Dr. whittaker's vitamins, supplements and general common sense approach to healthy living/healing make a whole lot more sense and practicality than the traditional AMA cut burn poison approach to most 'healing.' most of his ideas and herbal solutions have been in use for decades and have proven track records--do your research and maybe get a life!


I have used many of Dr. Whitaker's
supplements with a good result.I think his common sense approach does make way more sense than Big Pharma, because drugs like Avandia, Zetia, Celebrex, Vioxx, even Synthroid, and the statin drugs,
have serious side effects for many people.Dr. Whitaker also counsels that with the Glucose Essentials, you MUST get up a brisk walk for at least ten monutes after each meal. The man with a son incapacitated and on a ventilator, did not read the entire protocol Dr. Whitaker advises, in his diatribe against Dr. Whitaker, he railed against him as a fruad, but admits his poor son (God bless him) cannot even exercise. A POSSIBLE HELP MIGHT INSTEAD BE TO READ STOP THE THYROID MADNESS BY JANIE BOWTHORPE M.ED. AND THE EXCELLENT BOOK BY DR. MARK STARR, M.D. ENTITLED "Hypothyroidism Type II". MANY OF YOU DEAR READERS WILL BE THRILLED TO FINALLY FIND ANSWERS IN THESE BOOKS IF YOU DO!! THERE IS A LINK BETWEEN HEART DISEASE, DIABETES,HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES, KIDNEY FAILURE,HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE,

Anonymous said...

I'll admit that I was desperate for improving the quality of my life after a rather unplesant experience with my former cardiologist. I decided to go the "holistic" route with a "functional medical practioner." After spending over $200.00 per visit (once a month), given a boat-load of vitamins, supplements and dietary guidelines, it did NOTHING to control my hypertension, nothing to control my choloesterol, nothing to boost my kidney functions and nothing to boost my energy. Homeopathy is a COMPLETE RIPOFF! I finally found a cardiologist I could relate to and I'm doing great. Science based meds are THE ONLY WAY TO GO. With beta blockers and calcium channel blockers my blood pressure is almost normal, cholesterol meds brought my bad cholesterol down, and my kidneys are now borderline, sustainable. I also take a low dose aspirin everday to prevent a heart attack and stroke. DO NOT EVER trust those quack homeopathic practitioners. Excellent, real doctors are all around. Seek and you'll shall find. If you hear quack, quack, quack, it's homeopathy calling.

Unknown said...

Hey bud, if your kidneys where a problem, there is probably no way in hell you should have been on Whitaker mega doses of vitamins in the first place. Just saying. And that is common basal lifeform sense.

Robert Pfeiffer said...

The health business is an industry.Look at cancer. There have been Billions spent on research, only to find that the standard treatment is still "cut it out, burn it out or poisin it out" The Cancer Industry don't want it any different! The real cause of most Cancer is "Life style & Food abuse" With Cancer & Heart dis-ease just follow the money!

Anonymous said...

Your an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Your a naive idiot..

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Littleviews said...

Over the years, I've read information by Dr. Whitaker and Dr. Wright. As a practice, I buy *nothing* from either man. I do, however, follow-up with suggestions and if what I find makes sense, I implement them. Years ago, Dr. Whitaker recommended cranberry capsules to fight bladder infections. Changed my life!

Generally, both men encapsulate current thinking on potential health benefits and potential cures which are stated well enough for further research. Many of their ideas are supported by main street health organizations.

That said, it doesn't take much Googling to find ideas that have been debunked.

Recently, when researching information on teeth whitening, I came across a articles about the use of food grade peroxide and found a recipe that left my teeth pearly white through a combination of 12% peroxide (about 50/50 used for swishing/gargling). I also found a lot of BS, plus an author of a book sold on Amazon who plagiarized an entire chapter of her book.

The bottom line (another source of health care tips) for me is that I'd rather become aware of options than be denied from seeing them. If an occasional $35 book or pamphlet produces just one idea that helps, it is less expensive than a visit to a doctor's office, even when on Medicare.

sherry said...

I feel sorry for those of you who still believe the FDA is acting in the best interests of your health. Unfortunately, by the time you realize you are the ones who have been duped, your bodies will have been ravaged by pharmaceuticals and genetically modified foods. I can always recognize those with the tenacity, intelligence and instincts -such as Dr. Whitaker- to go against the grain. We're the ones who remain healthy, fit, strong, and youthful while our peers succumb to old age.

Anonymous said...

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OMartiH said...

This is in response to Tommy Daniel's comments about his son's A1C remaining at 6.5 after three months of Glucose Essentials. The question I have for him is, did he check the sugar content of what is being fed through tube feeding to his son? The reason is I have a friend who was being tube fed and his glucose shot up to diabetes level; it turned out that he was being fed with high sugar content liquid food and his sugar normalized after swiching to Glucerna.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

we believe "dr." whitaker's irresponsible practices are responsible for our loved one's death. would love to go into more detail, but must refrain because we are pursuing legal action. anyone else out there sued whitaker? we've never sued anyone in our lives and have no knowledge of the system, but are determined to stop the madness at whitaker. will keep this blog posted.

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