Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why I Hate P.E.T.A.

Have you seen their latest ad?

This is offensive and stupid to the point of being pure pure evil. Autism is a brain disorder that involves many difficulties for parents of autistic children. Do they really need people telling them that they caused their child’s autism by giving them milk?

These people make me want to do violence to PETA! In the first place, there is No link between milk of any sort and Austism. None. Zero. Zip. If you meet someone that says otherwise, slap them. And then slap them for me. Then force them to drink milk and slap them again. Second of all, PETA is famous for saying/doing stupid things just to get people talking.

So what is the skinny?

There were two studies that showed a tentative link between cows milk and autism. (What?!) What PETA doesn’t say is that the studies were done many years ago by careless researchers who did very small, badly designed studies which were later completely discredited by numerous actual scientists. If an 8 year old did a study that said vegetables cause cancer, would you stop eating vegetables?

So why would PETA say this? They are trying to manipulate you. They are trying to start a panic that will get people to stop buying milk.

Since I am on the topic, vaccinations do not cause autism either. If you want a 5-10 page blog posting explaining why vaccinations do not cause autism, I will do it. There is no need to risk your child contracting a preventable disease (like polio). Although anti-vaccine wack-jobs do make a good case. Oh wait! Who are some of the biggest proponents for this bit of nonsense? Jenny Mcarthy who was a playboy “employee”, and Jim Carey who is… himself. I don’t believe either one of them has the training to understand what autism is, let a lone what causes it.

In any case… get your vaccines, drink cows milk if you want to, and NEVER EVER EVER listen to PETA. Seriously. These are the people who say the only responsible thing to do is stop using cows milk in ice cream. They suggest human milk as a replacement. I am not joking.



Mildred said...

Can we say "ew?!" I think I'd rather use artificial milk than human milk, but that's just me. Also, good topic pick. There are many rumors going around about the causes of autism when really we just don't know the cause(s).

Peggy said...

I like you. Now post another d@#$ skinny article!

Anonymous said...

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